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Ant behaviour helps us put together a successful and trusted method of removing an ant infestation. Ants operate in colonies and their colony size can range from relatively small colonies with one queen through to millions of ants across large swathes of land. Ants have become highly sophisticated through millions of years of evolution with different members of the colony able to transform and adjust their role within the colony according to their age. Ants will always follow the same path once it has been established, placing pest control measures on this path leads to a much higher success rate.

The queen is not neccessaily a matriarch in the traditional sense, she poses little control over the other ants, however, she constantly produces eggs building the stregth of the colony.

With that in mind, if an ant infestation is causing you problems in a kitchen, bathroom or patio area the quickest way to eliminate the infestation is to kill the queen ant.

Maxforce ant bait stations are a popular way of dealing with an ant problem either in the house or outside. Simply place the bait stations near to the nest and on the ant runs, and open the little sliders to make the insecticide accessible to the ant colony. The bait stations contain Imidacloprid which is a neurotoxin that affects the central nervous system of the ants in question. The systemic action causes a blockage in the neuronal pathway leading to the death of the ant.

Bait stations are commonly used in kitchens where you may not want to risk the contamination of food stuffs with a powder.

Ant Powder is perhaps the most popular and traditional way of removing ants. Place the powder on areas the ants have been seen, alongside skirting areas, on their runs and on nearby areas. Residex P Dusting Powder contains 0.5% Permethrin that similarly to the above also affects the neuronal pathways of the ants leading to their death.

For areas such as conservatories and areas where the look of a room is important, we would recommend the use of Protector C ant spray. Once dry the spray on a carpet or hard surface will provide an unseen barrier protecting that area for up to three months, without causing damage and enables you to allow pets back into the room once the area is dry.

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