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Often gathering in attics, lofts, basements and spare rooms, cluster flies go into a semi-dormant state until spring when they emerge to mate. However, due to the popularity of central heating, it’s also quite common for them to appear earlier in the year as they are tricked into thinking spring has arrived. (Female cluster flies lay each individual egg near an earthworm in its own soil crevice.) These insects will cluster together (hence their name) in a large group and are known for the way that they hibernate during the colder months. They can live in groups anywhere from less than a hundred to in the thousands. Cluster flies are attracted to light, so on warm days during spring and autumn, you may see them gathering around windows and light bulbs.

Cluster fly fact: In this day and age, our warm, weatherproof, protected homes are particularly inviting to cluster flies, however they used to be drawn to hollow trees, under lose bark and in other similar sheltered areas.

Although cluster flies may not bite, they’re considered a nuisance because of the volumes in which they habitate and hibernate in over winter. By leaving many tiny, dark-coloured spots of excrement on walls or windows, they can quickly make the affected areas look unsightly. Not only that, but it can be quite difficult to clean, too. Another issue caused by cluster flies is that they can attract larder beetles if they die in false ceilings or wall voids.

Fill cracks and crevices in walls, window and door frames with caulking to help eliminate the cluster fly problem.

Xterminate has a large range of solutions for any type of cluster fly problem. Choose from smoke bombs, cluster fly killing sprays, aerosols and more. If you need assistance in selecting the correct products for your situation, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly, knowledgeable customer service team.

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