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You may be surprised to learn that the fleas that you can physically see on your pet generally make up a mere 5% of the total flea population in your home! The eggs and larvae hide deep in the fibers of your carpeting, furniture and even your pet's bed. Most adult fleas are generally 1-8mm long and are brownish in colour. They live exclusively as parasites of warm-blooded animals (especially mammals) however birds can also be attacked. They will feed on other animals when their normal host is absent – they are by no means specific. While adults may feed a variety of animals' bloods, the larvae do require more specific conditions which are associated with the habitats and nesting habits of the hosts rather than the characteristics of their blood. The main flea responsible for many infestations is the Cat Flea (the remainder being attributable to a number of bird and animal species). The main causes of flea infestations are:

  • The increased number of pets being kept in households
  • Wall to wall carpeting (this provides an undisturbed environment for fleas)
  • The increasing popularity of central heating (this ensures ideal temperature conditions for fleas)

How to get rid of fleas in the home

  • Thoroughly clean tile or wood floors. Vacuum your carpets, rugs and furniture regularly.
  • Use Protector C Insect & Flea Killer Sray - Once the spray is dried and the pests walk or land on these areas, the spray gets stuck to their sticky pads on their feet. These feet are highly sensitive as many insects suffer from poor eyesight, and they use the vibrations to judge when to latch onto a pet or human.  As their feet are so essential to their existence, the insects regularly clean their feet and it is at this point that they ingest the spray. Spray mattresses, pet bedding, sofas and more. 
  • Fog your house - Fleas love dark areas and are very good at hiding, so our smoke bomb fumers are perfect for targeting them directly. Typically, death occurs within 24 to 48 hours. The smoke enters the breathing organs of the bed bugs, disrupting their sodium channels which in turn effects the messages to the brain. 
  • Use a dusting powder - Residex P Insect Killer Dusting Powder is designed for use both indoors and outdoors. Simply apply to all areas where insects may hide including and cracks and crevices, under carpets and repeat at monthly intervals.

Preventing fleas entering your home

Keep grass mowed and shrubs trimmed. This will also help keep ticks at bay as they won't have a place to hide. Discourage feral animals and wildlife from entering your garden and bringing their fleas along on their journey. Wash pet bedding and toys frequently and most importantly, protect your pets and prevent them from bringing pests into the home by practicing prevention and using flea and tick treatments.

The 8 types of fleas:

  1. The Cat Flea (Ctenocephalides felis)
  2. The Dog Flea (Ctenocephalides canis)
  3. The Human Flea (Pulex irritans)
  4. The Rabbit Flea (Spilopsyllus cuniculi)
  5. The Tropical Rat Flea (Xenopsylla cheopis)
  6. The Hedgehog Flea (Archaeopsyllus erinacei)
  7. The Bird Flea (Ceratophyllus gallinae)
  8. The Mole Flea (Hystrichopsylla talpae)
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