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Protector C Insect Killer Spray

From £12.98 inc VAT
From £10.82 exc VAT

Protector C Insect Killer Spray

From £12.98 inc VAT
From £10.82 exc VAT

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Product information

Protector C is registered to kill many types of pest from crawling through to flying insects including moths, bed bugs, fleas, ants and Silverfish. It is a ready to use spray and the Cypermethrin is within the spray itself (the main component being water) which helps keep the spray odourless.

Once the spray is dried and the pests walk or land on these areas, the spray gets stuck to their sticky pads on their feet. These feet are highly sensitive as many insects suffer from poor eyesight, and they use the vibrations to judge when to latch onto a pet or human.  As their feet are so essential to their existence, the insects regularly clean their feet and it is at this point that they ingest the spray.

The spray can also be sprayed airborne, especially targeting flying insects and moths. In this scenario, the flying insects ingest the spray in the same way as when using  a Fortefog fumer, through their breathing areas on their body rather than on their feet. 

When treating a room with the Protector C Spray, we recommend using 20ml per square metre slightly wetting the surfaces and then a follow up spray approximately once per month. Protector C can also be applied as a fine mist in the air as a space treatment using approximately 1 to 4ml per square metre. This is particularly useful when tackling moths and cluster flies.

The spray is available in multiple and is supplied with a trigger spray for simple application.

We recommend using the spray alongside or to compliment one of our pest control kits that offers the entire treatment program at a much cheaper price than buying each item individually like other sites offer, pushing the cost of treatments up unnecessarily. These kits are available for each major pest type, so whatever your issue, we can eliminate the pest.

As a guide, detailed below are the approximate coverage's each size of Protector C will cover when spraying surfaces:

This coverage will lessen when spraying furnishings such as mattresses, pet bedding and sofas. We would always recommend purchasing more than enough product to ensure your treatment can be as thorough as required.

500ml 25 square metres

1 Litres 50 Square metres

5 Litres 100 Square metres

Frequently asked questions

Does the spray kill eggs?
Unfortunately no spray available for amateur use kills bed bug eggs or moth larvae. We would recommend using Biopren Insect Growth regulator that stops recently hatched eggs developing into adults and therefore continuing the life cycle.
Is it safe for pets to enter rooms that have been sprayed?

Yes, pets can enter sprayed rooms once the spray is dry. There is no risk to dogs or cats even when walking on the surfaces treated.

Can I spray my clothes with the spray?

No. Whilst in most cases the spray would have no effect, it can be an irritant to sensitive skin.

Can I spray my bedding and bed sheets with the spray?

No, as the spray can irritate skin. The spray can be sprayed on mattresses directly and the bed sheets put on a hot wash.

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