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Protector Natural Aerosol 530ml

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Product information

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The Protector Natural Aerosol is an Insecticidal Space and Surface spray, that is water based and contains only 100% natural ingredients. This aerosol will kill silverfish, ants, fruit flies, dust mites, fleas, bed bugs and other flying insects quickly.

Protector Natural Aerosol should be applied to surfaces where insects will crawl or land and allowed to dry. Once the spray has soaked in and dried, the insecticidal properties then become active. Each time a flying or crawling insect lands or crawls on the surface, the spray sticks to the sticky pads on the insect/moths feet. As the feet are so essential for insects existence (due to poor eyesight they rely on vibrations felt through their feet to notify them of when predators or target species are coming) they regularly clean their feet and it is at this point that they ingest the insecticide.

Whereas when you spray the air, the insects/moths ingest the aerosol through their breathing organs along their body and this goes onto effect their brain and the message sent from the brain to the body.

The aerosol is an organic spray containing 0.25% Natural Pyrethrins from African Chrysanthemums and due to its organic make up, it is suitable for tackling infestations in food areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. This makes it particularly useful against Silverfish that are often found in these areas due to the often damp settings, especially in bathrooms. With Silverfish in mind, especially in kitchens, we would recommend spraying cupboards, cutlery drawers, and pantry areas with the aerosol. However, we do advise you to remove any food or cutlery away from surface areas whilst spraying and place them back in to cupboards once fully dry.  

Application rate

Spray the aerosol 30cm away, directly at insects and in areas they may be hiding such as cracks and crevices. It is also suitable for fabrics such as upholstery as well as hard surfaces such as work tops and wardrobes. However we would always recommend a patch test on any soft furnishings before a thorough application. 

Pack size is 400g (530ml) - this can size is big enough to treat multiple rooms or a single room twice over. 

For maximum effect, we do advise a full treatment to eradicate any infestations such as bed bugs and fleas. We recommend a combination of our Smoke Fumers and Surface Sprays to maximise the effect and to re-treat the areas after 7 - 10 days, as eggs may have hatched in this time. 

Frequently asked questions

Does the spray kill eggs?
Unfortunately no spray available for amateur use kills bed bug eggs or moth larvae. We would recommend using Biopren Insect Growth regulator that stops recently hatched eggs developing into adults and therefore continuing the life cycle.
Do I have to remove packaged foods from my cupboard?

No, if the food is fully packaged and sealed then you wouldn't have to remove this from the cupboard, however they can be removed and returned to the cupboard once the spray has fully dried. 

Is it safe for fish?

We would advise that during application you remove fish tanks/bowls from the room or cover them before the application.

Is it safe for pets?

Once the aerosol has been sprayed and has dried on to surfaces, pets can then re-enter the room. The residual effect left on surfaces isn't harmful to dogs or cats that walk on the surfaces when it has dried. 

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