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SXlure Moth Traps

£13.19 inc VAT
£10.99 exc VAT

SXlure Moth Traps

£13.19 inc VAT
£10.99 exc VAT

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Product information

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The SXlure Cloth Moth Trap is an ideal solution for catching clothes moths in the home, in wardrobes, cupboards and any other areas where fabrics are kept and may come under attack by moths. 

This pack features a set of 3 sticky, discreet moth traps that are non toxic and safe to be used around pets and children, however we would advise that it is placed out of reach of children and pets so they don't tamper with the product. They are easy to put together and place in areas near clothing, in pantries and food stores and any areas that may attract moths. 

A combination of high tack glue and a pheromone is used to attract the insects towards the trap and capture them. 

Ideal for killing clothes moths, carpet moths and brown moths. 

Supplied in a pack of 3, in a foil sealed bag placed in a cardboard sleeve. Easy to use, simple folding trap. 

Directions for use:

1. Remove the protective paper from the inside of the trap and fold in to a triangle

2. Secure together using the sticky flap at the top

3. Remove the pheromone lure from the foil bag and place the ring, unopened on the glue part of the trap

4. Place the trap where clothes moth activity has been detected 

For best results, ensure that the base of the trap is flat when it is placed on surfaces. 

Frequently asked questions

Why do they keep eating my clothes and carpets?

Clothes moths prefer clothing that have either stains, liquids or sweat on. Likewise for carpet fibres. Minuscule amounts of dirt and moisture can provide essential food for the larvae, enabling them to develop into the adult moths more commonly seen.

How do I protect my clothes from moths?

There are numerous products available to protect your clothes and carpets from moths and the damage they can cause.

How do I get rid of clothes moths?

Working alongside a leading Pest control manufacturer, we recommend using a multi dimensional treatment of your premises to get rid of clothes moths. Firstly we recommend washing any clothes or bedding on the hottest temperature the labels allow. The hot water will both remove eggs and kil the moths or larvae on any of your clothing. Whilst your clothing is in the wash, we would set off a Fortefog smoke Fumer to kill any remaining moths or larvae in the room. The smoke will access all areas of the room, including areas inaccessible to humans. Follow all the instructions provided and set alight your recommend amount of Fortefog Fumers after sealing the room and then leave the room for 3-4 hours, preferably overnight if possible.

Once the smoke has dissipated after the 3-4 hour time period, re-enter the room and open all windows and doors and aerate for two hours. We would then recommend using moth killer spray to apply to the inside of wardrobes, cupboards, drawers, bed frames, windowsills and soft furnishings. Any moth landing in the sprayed area will be killed. The spray will last 4-6 weeks. Re-apply as necessary.

Vacuum any dead moths you find. For any moths you find/see in the room, we would use Protector FCIK instant kill spray that instantly knocks down and kills any moths or other flying insects within the room.

Set the repellents up and traps within your cupboards and wardrobes or areas where the moths congregate.

We would strongly recommend repeating your initial treatment after 7 days to ensure any remaining moths are killed that were either missed from the initial treatment or were eggs/larvae at the time of treatment.

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