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Fortefog Smoke Fumers

From £11.78 inc VAT
From £9.82 exc VAT

Fortefog Smoke Fumers

From £11.78 inc VAT
From £9.82 exc VAT

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Product information

Using a Fortefog fumer enables a user to target pests hidden away from view. Bed Bugs and fleas are often found in cracks in walls, seams in carpets and lampshades and by using this fogger, the smoke can access these areas that are simply impossible for humans to see or reach.

It is essential that when treating a room for a pest that you use a suitable and necessary amount of fumers. We offer three different sizes of fumers from 3.5g up to 11g, all licenced and HSE tested for amateur domestic use.

The table below shows how much coverage each size of fumer will treat for each pest size.

Fumer size (g) Flying insects (m3) Fleas and carpet moths (m3) Bed bugs, ants and cockroaches (m3)
3.5 120 30 7.5
11 400 100 25

Once lit, they release a smoke containing 13.25% permethrin that reaches those hard to reach areas and results in the death of any pests in the area. The fumer contains Permethrin and a burn agent/oxidiser. When the fumer is lit, the oxidiser creates the smoke which carries the Permethrin into the air within the smoke. When insects come into contact with the Permethrin it acts as a neurological toxin which results in their death.

Typically, death occurs within 24 to 48 hours. The smoke enters the breathing organs of the bed bugs, disrupting their sodium channels which in turn effects the messages to the brain. This is why Bed bug behaviour differs so much after treatment, where they are seen moving around in the open, compared to hidden away when they are perfectly healthy.Each fumer will smoke for approximately 30 seconds to a minute and the room should be left unattended for 2-3 hours but preferably overnight. Ventilate thoroughly once complete by opening windows and doors. Please note death for some pests is not instantaneous, you may see them in the room in the open after treatment. This is a positive sign that the treatment is working as typically they would not be seen or found in the open.

Frequently asked questions

Can I leave my clothes in the room whilst fogging?

Yes, we highly recommend keeping your clothing within the room to be treated. Clothes moths, bed bugs and fleas are known to hide within clothing, and by removing clothes from the room you risk not killing these pests, as well as spreading the infestation to other areas of the property.

Will the smoke make my clothes smell or damage them?

There may be a lingering smell within the room which is why it is pivotal to ventilate the room well after the treatment. Clothes will not smell heavily of smoke but depending on the level of smoke, there may be a light odour on the clothes. If this is the case, wash the clothes on a standard wash (which helps get rid of any existing eggs from the pests left on clothes anyway).

Do I have to throw everything away?

No. Many of our customers call us to tell us they have removed the entire contents of their bedroom or house. There is no need for this expense. Keep items within the rooms to be treated, as our treatments will eliminate the pests, saving you on refitting your entire home with new wardrobes, mattresses and carpets.

What do I do with my smoke alarms?

When fuming, we recommend turning off any smoke alarms within the room to be treated. Of corse, it is of vital safety importance that you turn these back on once the smoke has cleared.

How do I light the smoke bomb?! Do I just take off the lid and light the contents with a lighter?!
Yes, you take off the plastic lid and light the touch paper wick with a lighter or a match. 
How often should this process be repeated. Concerned about moth eggs still unaffected
The process with the Fumers would need be repeated every 7 to 10 days after your application.
You replied that the process needs to be repeated every 7-10 days. How many more times? Many thanks
Depending on the severity of the infestation and whether any other products are used, between 1-2 more times.
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