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Silverfish are a common sight in bathrooms and kitchens in thousands of homes across the country. The name Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina) replicates the look and demeanour of the insects with their grey, silver scaley back and wriggling fish like movement. Silverfish, generally, are a nocturnal insect and are commonly seen in the night when a person is going to the bathroom or to the kitchen. They will always avoid light, hence the nocturnal nature of the insects and they can sometimes settle beneath boxes, sofas etc in a room where they encounter little light.

Silverfish in kitchens:

Different levels of infestations can occur in kitchens which changes the way we recommend treating a Silverfish problem. Lighter infestations can be treated without the use of smoke bombs, whereas higher levels of infestations that can be behind fitted cupboards can be more difficult to treat.

First of all, we would recommend emptying out cupboards, drawers, removing food stuffs from the room and all cutlery. Once your drawers and cupboards are empty, apply Protector C or Protector Natural Aerosol spray into empty cupboards, drawers as well as on the kitchen floor itself. Once the spray soaks in, any pets or chilren are free to reenter the room and items can be replaced back into the treated areas.

If you have no pets or children, Residex P Powder can be applied which allows you to visibly monitor any difference in the powder for Silverfish activity. The powder works in the same way as the spray as they both affect the nervous system and brains of the insects leading to their deaths.

If an infestation is more severe or you want to cover every feasible nesting place, we recommend using Fortefog smoke bombs that allow the smoke to get behind cupboards, wardrobes and into cracks and crevices that we as humans simply cannot see to treat effecitively.

Silverfish in bathrooms:

As well as kitchens, Silverfish are also found in bathrooms, particularly bathtubs and the bathroom floor. Again we would recommend emptying out detergents, shampoos and all bathroom accessories out of drawers and cupboards. Spray and aerosol can be used in easy to access places and along seals between the bath and shower and the bathroom floor. The front of the bath tub can be removed to help if the infestation is severe and then the bathroom treated with a Fortefog fumers.

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