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Protector FCIK Aerosol

£14.18 inc VAT
£11.82 exc VAT

Protector FCIK Aerosol

£14.18 inc VAT
£11.82 exc VAT

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Product information

Pack size: 0.4 L
Pack qty: 1

The Protector FCIK (Flying and Crawling Insect killer) is a residual aerosol that is HSE registered and ensures instant knock down of flies, wasps, cockroaches, carpet beetles, fleas, moths, bedbugs, lice, ants and all other flying and crawling insects.  

If it is sprayed directly in to the air, it will be ingested through the breathing areas of flying insects and kill them quickly this way, or if sprayed on to surfaces and left to dry, the crawling insects will walk over the residue left by the aerosol and ingest the insecticides when they preen themselves.

Protector FCIK contains a combination of active ingredients to maximise the effects and its performance against crawling and flying insects. Each 400ml aerosol can contains the insecticides, Natural Pyrethrins 0.2% and Cypermethrin 0.11%.

The Natural Pyrethrins 'flush out' insects from their hiding places and ensure a quick 'knockdown' effect when they are sprayed directly on insects. The Cypermethrin leaves a long, lasting residual effect on any surfaces and areas when insects land or walk on the treated surface.

Directions for use:

When treating a room with the Protector FCIK, spray the aerosol directly on to surfaces. A 4-5 second burst of the spray will suitably cover an area of 1 Square Metre or 2-4 Linear Metres of skirting board.

If you are wanting to flush the insects out, spray any hiding places from a distance of 5cm away and then spray the crawling insects directly for a rapid kill.

As this leaves a residual effect, ensure that the areas are re-sprayed and repeated when necessary, particularly after cleaning. Ensure that you spray the aerosol on to surfaces where insects may crawl or hide, from a distance of 30cm away, for a long, lasting residual effect.

Particularly concentrate on any areas that may not be visible and where insects may hide, such as around cracks and crevices, corners, under refrigerators, mattresses, bed frames and under appliances.

For the full extermination of bed bugs or other infestations, we do recommend a full treatment and to use this product alongside our other pest control products, including Smoke Fumers, Protector C Spray and the Residex P Powder. We would highly recommend a full re-treatment after 7-10 days to totally eradicate the problem as any eggs may have possibly hatched out in the meantime.  


Dog ticks and fleas: Spray your carpets and other places where these insects may be found hiding such as skirting boards and cracks in the walls and between cupboards.

Carpet beetles and clothes moths: Spray under carpets, rugs and furniture, in cupboards, wardrobes, drawers and repeat when necessary. 

Flies, wasps and mosquitoes: Spray any outbuildings, window and door frames, wheelie bins and any other areas where flies and wasps may like to nest and lay their eggs.

Bed bugs: Spray your mattress, bed frame, carpets, paying particular attention to the small areas they like to hide as bed bugs do not like day light, so they will be hiding in any cracks, crevices and seams of mattresses.

Frequently asked questions

Does the spray kill eggs?
Unfortunately no spray available for amateur use kills bed bug eggs or moth larvae. We would recommend using Biopren Insect Growth regulator that stops recently hatched eggs developing into adults and therefore continuing the life cycle.
Can I spray my clothes with the spray?

No. Whilst in most cases the spray would have no effect, it can be an irritant to sensitive skin.

Is it safe for fish?

We would advise that during application you remove fish tanks/bowls from the room or cover them before the application.

Is it safe for pets?

Once the aerosol has been sprayed and has dried on to surfaces, pets can then re-enter the room. The residual effect left on surfaces isn't harmful to dogs or cats that walk on the surfaces when it has dried. 

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